Sonoma Mountain Repeater Society

Dedicated to the advancement of Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio licensing in just one day??

You're reading this right!
You too can get your Technician class license in just one day using today's methods.

The Sonoma Mountain Repeater Society has been using a new system of training that has a very high success rate for new licensee's as well as for upgrades!

In 2007 alone, 220 people had passed their Technician Class Amateur Radio Exam at an SMRS session!

Technician Class (New Licensees) 247 attempted, 220 passed, 27 didn't. That's roughly a 90% pass rate folks!

For a schedule of SMRS sponsored classes and other local VE sessions,

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Care for some Self Study material from
Here is a very nicely done PDF file for the Technician hopefuls out there.